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Coding, the Musical

Hey Monster! English for Kids

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“I wish I had this as a child, it takes what can be quite a dry topic and makes it simple, fun and engaging.”

Kelsey Murphy-Drummond, Senior Developer at Salesforce.

“A great way to introduce kids to coding. Concepts are encountered in a fun way first, then elaborated on later in the program.”

Kris Urbas, Senior Software Engineer at Research Gate.

“This app is fab! So colourful and engaging! Girls are going to absolutely love it! And even I understand what coding is about now. What a great fun way to learn. Highly recommended.”

Karen El Falaki, Drama teacher and Musical Director at Berlin Metropolitan School.

“What a fun way to introduce coding to young kids! There are almost endless options for building the story. Even though the app was written for elementary aged kids, even adults could learn some of the essentials from this charming app.”

Smart Apps For Kids

“Easy enough to use so even kindergarten-age kids can begin to gain a conceptual understanding of coding and the vocabulary that goes along with the skill, all while building storytelling skills in a fun, interactive way.”

Common Sense Media

“Hey Monster! is a fantastic way to teach children English. It develops both vocabulary and comprehension, and really helps children understand how words are used in everyday English.”

Breanna Alexander (M.A. in Linguistics, CELTA, B.Sc.) English teacher.

“Wow, so fun! I love how each learned word is revisited in stories and songs so that children are using them in new contexts all the time.”

Anna Kropp (M.A. Translation and Linguistic Mediation), languages teacher, translator and parent.

“I use Hey Monster as an independent learning activity in my English lessons. Highly recommended.”

Andrew Comerford (M.A.Ed.), grade 2 teacher.

“The app exposed the children to lots of simple vocabulary and it was put into the correct context – this is good for building early reading skills and for aiding spelling (and subsequently writing).”

Fundamentally Children

“Kids will have fun customizing characters and playing games in this app filled with quirky and silly monsters, while learning the English language… Sentences are clearly written and the highlighting of featured words was one of the things that make learning feel easy and natural.”

Smart Apps For Kids

“Hey Monster! uses your child’s creativity to teach early literacy. Parents looking to give their children a fun, creative outlet that aids in early literacy by exposing and reinforcing connections to early sight word reading can download Hey Monster! for free.”