Hey Monster! is a functional and communicative approach to language learning. Our method is based on the Direct method of second language acquisition.

No translation! Our program is completely immersive and children learn words through text, voice and picture pairings.

Creativity should be embedded in all learning.
Hey Monster! involves kids in the story-making process.


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Our experts:
Hailey, Vega, Rosetta & Hide, Grade 2.

Limited and purposeful screen time for young learners.

Hey Monster! stories are designed for 10 minutes play time.

THE Hey Monster! STORY
The Hey Monster! learning method was developed by Leah Hinton over her decade long teaching career.


Leah did her teacher training in New Zealand and spent 10 years in international classrooms. Her teaching strengths were language and literacy, and her passion was coming up with new ways to embed creativity in learning. She spent 5 years at a leading IB school in Berlin where she developed and delivered a Digital Arts curriculum to help the school embed technology into their classroom programs. It was here that she realised that technology was the way to make fun, creative and and highly interactive language learning available to children around the world.

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