Coding, the Musical

“Coding, the Musical” is a completely free interactive musical that introduces basic coding concepts to children aged 4-8. Children learn coding by creating their own characters and building their own musical story worlds. The app is designed specifically for girls, with the aim of getting young girls interested in computer science!

Hey Monster! English for Kids

“Hey Monster!” is an interactive English learning program for children aged 4-8, developed by teachers. Our innovative method motivates children to engage with English in a fun, playful and extremely creative environment. 52 beautifully animated interactive stories, 35 songs, 200 games and 700 focus words – a whole year of learning, a whole year of fun!


Hey Monster! Deutsch für Kinder

“Hey Monster! Deutsch für Kinder” is a free interactive learning app for kids aged 4 to 8. It was made by TechSpaghetti, with help from the German department of Berlin Metropolitan School. The project was supported by Deutsche Bank.

“An innovative storytelling adventure.” – Top Pick

-Smart Apps For Kids

“It’s an excellent educational app which covers so many English skills. A range of fun, creative activities test children’s comprehension, encourage speaking and listening skills, and build vocabulary.”

-Fundamentally Children Good App Guide

“This app is great for broadening not just kids’ vocabularies, but also their minds.” – 5 stars


“An exceptionally unique story making app which immediately hooks students and draws them into the story making process by having them choose and add elements such as music and sound effects. Excellent for fostering creativity, imagination and storytelling skills. Highly recommended!”

-Helen Wagner, M.S., CCC-Speech Language Pathologist

“The app’s benefits are manifold; helping children interpret moods and emotions, build descriptive vocabulary, understand language and story structure, engage with audiences and develop social media based communication skills.”

-Online Educa – Edtech Tool of the Month

“Prepares children for the challenges of the 21st century, by teaching them the importance of creative thinking.”

-We Are the City

“This app is a must have for anybody with small children.”

-App Picker