Hey Monster! English for Kids

Hey Monster! is an interactive English learning program for children aged 4 to 8, developed by teachers. Children learn English by creating their own characters and building their own story worlds. Our innovative method motivates children to engage with English in a fun, playful and extremely creative environment. New stories, games and lessons each week!



ToonSpaghetti Story Lab


ToonSpaghetti Story Lab: Classroom Edition

A playful and creative adventure that teaches kids the magic of storytelling. Visit amazing story planets, add cool music, make your own sound effects and voice recordings, and visit the Spaceship Coolification Station. Fun, creative and educational!

“An innovative storytelling adventure.” – Top Pick

-Smart Apps For Kids

“It’s an excellent educational app which covers so many English skills. A range of fun, creative activities test children’s comprehension, encourage speaking and listening skills, and build vocabulary.”

-Fundamentally Children Good App Guide

“ToonSpaghetti Story Lab is definitely one of my favorite apps I have reviewed. It gives children so many opportunities to express their creativity and allows them to share what they have created and feel a sense of pride in their work.” – 5 stars

-The iPhone Mom

“This app is great for broadening not just kids’ vocabularies, but also their minds.” – 5 stars


“An exceptionally unique story making app which immediately hooks students and draws them into the story making process by having them choose and add elements such as music and sound effects. Excellent for fostering creativity, imagination and storytelling skills. Highly recommended!”

-Helen Wagner, M.S., CCC-Speech Language Pathologist

“Story Lab is an engaging and wonderfully interactive app. It encourages critical thinking and allows children to be part of the creative process of story telling”

-Emma Oxley-Simpson, Grade 1 Educator and Junior Prepartory ICT Intergrator

“The ToonSpaghetti Story Lab is fun and educational but the kind of app that children will use and not even know they’re learning. LP has been immersed in the world of ToonSpagetti since we downloaded it and even from a parent’s perspective it’s hard not to love.”

-What The Redhead Said

“The app’s benefits are manifold; helping children interpret moods and emotions, build descriptive vocabulary, understand language and story structure, engage with audiences and develop social media based communication skills.”

-Online Educa – Edtech Tool of the Month

“Everything a young kid needs to start making their own movies, in a simple and fun way.”

-Gizmodo – iPad App of the Week

“Prepares children for the challenges of the 21st century, by teaching them the importance of creative thinking.”

-We Are the City

“This app is a must have for anybody with small children.”

-App Picker

“ToonSpaghetti helps kids ages 5+ to understand a simple model of how a movie is made by creating their own. Kids will learn about the basic story structure, and how background music and sound effects can elevate the audience mood. Try showing it to your kids and you just might have a potential movie director in your own family.”

-Geeks With Juniors