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Huge thanks to our awesome partners Berlin Metropolitan School and Deutsche Bank for helping to make this project happen!

The “Hey Monster! Deutsch für Kinder” story

TechSpaghetti co-founders Leah and Elliot are both from New Zealand and we have always wanted to give something back to the country that has become our home. As immigrants in Germany, we have found that the most important thing when becoming a part of a new community is learning the language. We had already made an awesome English learning app for kids, and so we decided to make a completely free German version to help refugee and migrant children learn German.

The German language department at Berlin Metropolitan School came on board as translators and learning consultants. And an amazing group of children from the school became our testers and expert content advisors!

So we had a very cool app taking shape. The problem was, that the app was only playable on iPads and iPhones, and we wanted it to be available to as many schools and families as possible. So Deutsche Bank decided to help out by sponsoring further development so that “Hey Monster! Deutsch für Kinder” could go out on all mobile devices.

“Hey Monster! Deutsch für Kinder” was released on the 18th of October, 2017.

Download “Hey Monster! Deutsch für Kinder” here:


Vitor Lopes – Illustration & Animation
Lea Ulrich – Voice
Vanessa Naumann – Singing
Annika Lenz – Translations